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The key to a successful training initiative is planning. According to research, neglecting the upfront planning processes for corporate training can impact project cost and timeline negatively, by up to 30%. Our training consultants utilize a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure your training initiatives meet your business objectives.

The success of any large training project depends first on what you know before you begin. Our training consultants can help you quickly and effectively determine how to target, execute and achieve business objectives with SSCBS’s in-depth ANSWER analysis process.

Training assessments are vital to understanding how corporate training programs influence business initiatives. Defining success and how it will be measured is crucial to the success of any training program.

  • Financial and Accounting
  • Project Managements and Project Life Cycle
  • Internal Audit and Control
  • Operational Management
  • Fraud Prevention and Risk Management
  • Detection and investigation
  • Quick Book Training

Company Profile

SSCBS is a professional company, comprising more than 10 consultants and nearly 20 research and information professionals. We serve a broad mix of private-, public-, and social-sector organizations.