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SSCBS is also providing research and survey with the technical support of our advisers for sustainable development and research. Our range of research and survey services are:

What We Do?

Want to identify the best markets to play in? We provide you with market sizing and forecasting analysis to understand how big your market is, how fast your market is growing, how new regulations are going to affect it, what share you have and what share your competitors have

Want to find new big ticket clients? We are experts in expanding your client database by providing your business with loyal customers. All you need is to specify the criteria for companies you want to find and the information you require. The rest will be done by us. 

We help you identify the right companies and assets to invest in using our strong target identification, financial and operational due diligence and asset modelling capabilities.

We help you create, test and develop your products and marketing strategies. Approaches range from consumer panels to opinion studies with industry participants and key opinion leaders and from product creation to longitudinal studies on established offerings. 

Need to know the pulse of your customers? We can help you target your customers and understand their preferences. We offer consumer surveys covering highly segmented information on customers’ attitudes and behavior. 

At The Business Research Company we help you find and evaluate the best quality suppliers for your critical business needs with high quality procurement intelligence and customized market research. 

Looking to gain a bigger market share? The Business Research Company helps you understand your competitors and plan your strategy against them. Financial, strategic, research and development, supplier, customer, marketing, investment and Merger and Acquisition information are tracked.

Need to expand your capacity on a budget? We can help you set up a highly qualified team at an off-shore location to high quality do research/ marketing/creative tasks at a low cost. 

Company Profile

SSCBS is a professional company, comprising more than 10 consultants and nearly 20 research and information professionals. We serve a broad mix of private-, public-, and social-sector organizations.