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As a commercial law firm, we offer a full spectrum of legal services. These services are structured into two main business divisions: Corporate and commercial legal services, focusing on transactional and regulatory services, Litigation and dispute resolution, focusing on litigation and alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation and arbitration.

The followings are an executive summary of our legal services:
  • Collections Services.
  • Company & Secretarial Services.
  • Construction Law.
  • Criminal Law (Fraud Investigation).
  • Employment Law.
  • Environmental Law.
  • Insolvency Law.
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution.
  • Property Law.

Commercial Practices

We assist clients with all commercial and corporate aspects of their business. Commercial transactions are the heartbeat of the firm and the majority of our lawyers are primarily involved in assisting clients with a wide variety of commercial transactions. Our services are not limited to the draft and settlement of a composite range of commercial contracts but also include advising on the tax and other implications of commercial transactions, conducting due diligence investigations, assisting with the implementation of commercial transactions.


Legal Consulting Services have lots of experience providing consulting services for case development, mediation, and trial to plaintiff and defense law firms to make the case presentation compelling both at mediation and trial. The firm’s services include case theme development, focus group services, mediation and trial presentations, pre-trial and trial
Tactical support, jury/trial consulting, trial production design and management.

Our consulting services simultaneously compliment the documentary production from case development through mediation, jury selection and trial. Legal Consulting Services’ proprietary case strengthening process, mediation presentation preparation, and powerful settlement videos have consistently and significantly increased the parties’ ability to achieve their goals on terms acceptable to all.

Company Profile

SSCBS is a professional company, comprising more than 10 consultants and nearly 20 research and information professionals. We serve a broad mix of private-, public-, and social-sector organizations.